How Many PSP Movies Are There?

How Many PSP Movies Are There?

how many psp movies are there

With the release of UMD Video for the PlayStation Portable, Sony continues to express optimism about the format’s future. Sony’s marketing manager said the movies the distributors have released for the PSP are ‘calibrated’ to suit the primary user base of the PSP. The catalog contains a mixture of comedy and action movies. However, movie distributors have continued to emphasize their focus on action films, which will likely remain popular with the PSP.

UMD Video library

Sony has announced that it will soon release movies and TV shows in the UMD Video format for the Sony PlayStation Portable. These films will be priced at $15 or less. Sony has also announced that it is teaming up with MTV to release some classic MTV shows in the format. Sony has said that the content of these movies will be “highly entertaining and fun to watch.”

Although Sony has yet to announce a full UMD Video library for the PSP, it has hinted that it will do so. Sony plans to release an adapter to let users play UMD movies on television. The format has faced some challenges, but Sony remains optimistic about its future. Despite major retailers and studios pulling out, Sony’s senior marketing manager John Koller believes that the end of the format is bright. After Sony cut prices in Japan, PSP sales jumped tenfold. Movie distributors also ‘calibrated’ their offerings to appeal to the young PSP crowd.

The PSP is one of the most popular handhelds, and collecting a complete library could be very rewarding for the PSP enthusiast. Sony PSPs used to sell for $20-30 new, but now are virtually worthless. While Sony PSPs are no longer available, a complete collection can give you the bragging rights of being the first collector to collect them. If you have a full library of Sony PSP movies, you can feel good about your collection and show off your coveted possession to your friends.

Another benefit of UMD discs is their portability. The PSP was initially made to accommodate movies and television shows. The UMD format was developed to allow this. The UMD discs contained up to 1.8GB of data and came enclosed in a protective plastic shield. Sony stressed that the PSP was a multimedia device. They would include full-length movies and UMD Video titles.


The plethora of streaming services has largely eliminated the need to own physical media, including PSP movies. Internet connections are faster than ever, and reliance on physical media is at an all-time low. Gone are the days of carrying around portable DVD players and disc spindles. One Twitter user recently tweeted that they had started a tradition of watching RV on their PSP. The question remains, will this tradition continue?


If you have a Sony PSP, you probably have a few old movies that are getting old and haven’t been played in years. If so, you may want to consider a PSP movie rental service. These services are excellent if you want to rent a PSP movie without buying it. They let you rent movies and other things while waiting for a film to come out on DVD.

Sony PSP movies are still available, but they are incredibly low-quality. UMD movies encoded in 480p don’t look very good on a PSP and aren’t recommended for kids. The battery life on Sony PSPs is also pretty pathetic. This is one of the few downsides of the PSP. The video quality of a PSP movie has declined significantly over the past few years.

Bonus material

Publishers have yet to commit to producing bonus material for PSP movies, as the format is new and experimental. Some publishers have crammed DVD extras onto 1.8GB UMD Videos, but most are expected to follow. Earlier this year, Sony demonstrated a PSP bonus game based on UMD Video content at CES. While this format seems promising, it is not as good as Blu-ray or DVD extras.

The re-formatted version of House of Flying Daggers is available as a UMD. The UMD preview shows the movie’s fight sequence, and the DVD menu looks exactly like the DVD version. The chapter selected has a preview with blood splatters. There are also sample packaging materials from major studios. However, it is impossible to see the movie’s title in these previews.