Are PSP Movies Worth Anything?

Are PSP Movies Worth Anything?

are psp movies worth anything

If you’ve ever wondered whether PSP movies are worth anything, you’ve come to the right place. Is the temporary format really worth anything? Is GameFly’s stock of PSP movies worth anything? This article will answer that question and more. Is the UMD video library biased toward sci-fi, comedy, and action movies? And how do I get them?

PSP movies are worth anything

The Sony PSP was one of the hottest handhelds in history. It’s worth bragging rights to own a complete collection of PSP movies. While they used to cost $20 to $30 new, the PSP movies have now lost all value. It isn’t easy to find a place to buy them. You can try GameFly, but chances are, you’ll be outbid in seconds.

The Sony PSP was released in 2005. It was a great little device, capable of playing near-console quality games and playing music. Movie quality has diminished significantly over the years, as Sony UMD movies are encoded with 480p resolution. The battery life is also shaky, so be prepared to lose your money. Despite the limitations, the PSP has a massive library of great games. You can play almost half of the history of gaming on the device!

UMD video’s library is heavily weighted towards action, sci-fi, and comedy films

UMD video has steadily expanded its library. At this time, the most comprehensive list of UMD titles counts over 650 video discs, although its actual library is probably closer to 800 discs. Its catalog includes action films, comedy films, TV shows, anime, and live music concerts. Its titles include classic films and anime, Chinese hits, horror films, and adult movies.

GameFly’s stock of PSP movies is unknown.

One way to find out if GameFly has any PSP movies is to check its end-of-year sale. The company is known for its end-of-year sale, where it offers a variety of games for as little as $2. Wario64, a fan of video games, tweeted about the sale and the fact that he had purchased the last PSP movie UMD for $2. Wario64’s tweet about the deal snatched up the UMD within minutes.